Recent Dissertations


Name Yearsort ascending Advisor

Mathew Andler

The Social Ontology of Sexuality
2020 Elizabeth Barnes

Chunling Yan

Scientific Realism and Quantum Theories
2020 Paul Humphreys

Andrew Garland

Conscience: An Essay in Moral Epistemology
2020 Rebecca Stangl

Jim Darcy

Grounding, Hierarchy, and Haecceities
2020 Trenton Merricks

Torrance Fung

Perceptual and Cognitive Qualia
2020 Harold Langsam

Peter Tan

2019 Trenton Merricks

Andrei Marasoiu

What is it to understand?
2019 Brie Gertler

Matthew Adams

A Contractualist Theory of Nonideal Justice
2018 A. John Simmons

Derek Lam

Magnitudes: A Descriptive Metaphysics of Quantity
2018 Ross Cameron

Stacie Thyrion

Plato De Magistro
2018 Daniel Devereux

Nick Rimell

Repreentational Content and the Objects of Thought
2018 Trenton Merricks

Jonathan Barker

Grounding and Its Limits
2018 Trenton Merricks

Adam Blincoe

Flourishing Together
2017 Rebecca Stangl

John Mahlan

Parts of Universals: An Essay on Aristotle's Categories
2017 Daniel Devereux

Andrew Morgan

How to do Things with Norms: A Speech Act Aproach to Metanormative Theory
2017 Talbot Brewer

Manuel Barrantes

Mathematical Explanations of Physical Phenomena
2017 Paul Humphreys

Adam Tiller

On What Follows
2016 Trenton Merricks

Logan Sisson

Morally Empowering Combatants
2016 Talbot Brewer

Corin Fox

Quasi-nihilism: An Epistemic Response to Sorites Paradox
2016 James Cargile

Luke William Hunt

The Liberal Limits of Policing
2016 A. John Simmons

Harry Howard Jones

On Character and Creativity: Philosophical Reflections on Moral Education in the United States Military
2016 Loren Lomasky

Benjamin Richards

"Learning How to See Again": Recovering a Place for Intellectual Vision in Philosophy
2015 Talbot Brewer

Nicolas Frank

A Limited Political Obligation
2015 A. John Simmons

S. Matthew Duncan

2015 Trenton Merricks

Galen Barry

An Account of Power and Possibility in Spinoza
2015 Antonia LoLordo

Douglass Reed

The Ethics and Moral Psychology of Plato's 'Phaedo'
2015 Daniel Devereux

Edith Gwendolyn Nally

Good Beliefs, Bad Arguments: Pragmatic Reasons in Plato's Dialogues
2014 Dominic Scott

Bryan Cwik

On the Very Idea of Owning Ideas: Philosophical Reflections on Intellectual Property
2013 Loren Lomasky

Paul Nedelisky

A World Full of Threats and Promises: The Primitiveness of Modality
2013 Trenton Merricks

Charles Rathkopf

Complex Systems & The New Norms of Scientific Explanation
2013 Paul Humphreys

Ashley Kennedy

Models and Idealization in Scientific Explanation
2012 Paul Humphreys

Stewart Braun

Ensuring Social Respect and Political Equality: The Case for Taxing Gratuitous Transfers of Wealth
2012 Loren Lomasky

Jesse Newton

Locke, Language, and Meta-Philosophy: An Interpretation of Book III of John Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding
2012 Antonia LoLordo

Jacob Pease

On Living a More Meaningful Life
2012 Loren Lomasky

Brian Pinkston

Francisco Suárez on Efficient Causation
2012 Jorge Secada

William Hasselberger

The Ideals of Agency: Autonomy, Sociality, Individuality
2012 Talbot Brewer

Ayca Boylu

Morality as Understanding Human Beings
2011 James Cargile

Kristina Meshelski

The Structure of Injustice: A New Approach to Nonideal Theory
2011 A. John Simmons

Samuel Duncan

Kant on Freedom, Reason, and Moral Evil
2011 Jorge Secada

Amy Gilbert

'Beyond Reason and Beyond Merit': Practical Wisdom and the Second-Person
2011 Talbot Brewer

Evan Keeling

Aristotle on Perception, Phantasia, and Skepticism
2011 Daniel Devereux

Ty Landrum

The Idea of Humanity
2011 Talbot Brewer

Joung Bin Lim

Bodies and Persons: An Essay on Animalism
2011 Trenton Merricks

Sam Nicholson

Transparency and Intrinsic Intentionality
2011 Brie Gertler

Brian Collins

John Dewey, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and the Emergence of Agency

Christopher Mayer

Committed Service in the Military: Bringing Together Selflessness and Self-Fulfillment
2010 Loren Lomasky

Daniel Moseley

The Virtues of Integrity
2010 Loren Lomasky

Charles Tanksley

2009 Trenton Merricks

Brannon McDaniel

Relations, Truth, and Existence: A Defense of Presentism
2009 Trenton Merricks

Elizabeth Fenton

Overlapping Consensus and Human Rights
2008 John Arras

Jason Megill

Essays on the Mind-Body Problem
2008 Harold Langsam

Adam Kadlac

The Value of Persons
2007 Talbot Brewer

Hannah Phelps Love

Why Moral Excellence Requires Appropriate Emotion: Attention, Construals, and Evaluations
2007 Talbot Brewer

Jennifer Flynn

The Relevance of Method: Moral Theory and Its Impact Upon Moral Philosophical Thought
2007 Cora Diamond

Lucan Gregory

The State, Authority, and Legitimacy
2007 A. John Simmons

Clinton Jones

A Lockean Account of State Justification, Legitimacy, and Optimality
2007 A. John Simmons

Catherine Sutton

Objects and Their Parts: A Colocationist Metaphysics of Composition
2007 Trenton Merricks

Shaikha Binjasim

Non-Existent Objects as Patterns of Properties
2006 Mitchell Green

David Blankfein-Tabachnick

Rawlsian Justice, Pre-Institutional Concepts and the Private Law
2006 A. John Simmons

Andrew Moser

Toward a Categorical Conception of Cognitive Normativity
2006 Cora Diamond

Brian Powell

A Critique of Practical Reason Foundationalism
2005 Talbot Brewer

Edward Song

The Bounds of Justice: Rawls on Global Justice and International Obligation
2005 A. John Simmons

Jonathan Stoltz

Belief, Truth, and Indicative Conditional Propositions
2005 James Cargile

Patrick Toner

Existence and Emergence
2005 Trenton Merricks

Charles Arinder

Impractical Naturalism
2004 Harold Langsam